The workshop/conference will only feature plenary speakers and invited talks. A poster session will also be arranged, as well as a session devoted to Early-Stage Researchers.
If you intend to be selected for a talk for the Early-Stage-Reseachers (ESR) session, or want to submit an abstract for a poster, please follow this procedure (deadline for abstract submission July 25th 2012):
  1. Pre-register to the workshop/conference by following these instructions.
  2. Go to CECAM webpage.
  3. Login on the website via the 'Registered User Area' panel on the left. In case of do not know your password, choose 'Lost your password?'  and enter your email address. You will receive an email from the Cecam webmaster with your login and password
  4. Once you have logged in, a link to the workshop website will appear on your user webpage. Click on that link and then select on the top 'Abstracts' if you want to submit an abstract for an ESR talk, or 'Poster' if you wish to submit a poster. Then fill in the online form.
Please notice that a prize ( sponsored by PCCP ) will be given to the best poster. All the submissions to the ESR session not selected for an oral talk will be considered for the poster session.